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My nerves are shot. The tax form is scaring me, and now there's a problem about my HC1 form, which i don't understand at all. If I'm not entitled to it, now that I'm a pensioner, i'll have to pay full whack on my dental bills, etc. 'Kinell.! I don't think I'm entitled to pension credit, but then  I might be, because I get DLA.If I am, then I can have help with dental stuff, etc. etc.... There was nobody to talk to me today, but somebody's supposed to ring next week, and it's all completely confusing, frustrating and frightening. I just can't deal with forms and financial stuff. I'm a sick old lady, and waaaah...I get all stuttery and mad-sounding as well,'cos I  hate talking on the phone at the best of times, and I dunno what they're on  about, etc. etc.
Why, oh whyyyyy  is everything so dismal?
The whole thing with getting rid of my mother's house before it explodes, implode,falls down and kills someone, etc. creaks on worryingly. Could there be a worse time for all this to happen?...Not to mention that after all the hullaballoo about my mother finally deciding at the last minute to make a simple, 'normal' will, including us, what little there was is gonna be worth fuck all in the end.
The fatigue-syndrome  thing is really laying me out this week, and I have several stress-chocked hospital appointments coming up, too.
I realise how utterly boring this is, but typing it all out does release the ol' steam a little.
I walked out the door this morning just as two cops were briskly walking in. Haven't heard any reports on what was going on,yet....

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