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Today Is A Dull-Ass Day...

Murky and sweaty, too.
Sat up last night with BATTLEGROUND EARTH, or whatever it's called, just for the crapness of it. It's actually unwatchable, though, despite having John Ravolta in giant platform boots, pointy dreadlocked head and big hairy hands with talons.

INTO THE WILD is excellent, though, based on a true tragedy of  a 'troubled'  young man who was determined to get away from the material world, and ended up starving to death in an old bus. Despite its grimness, there's a certain uplifting quality about it. Me likey.
It looks like the dead Wollworths at Clapham Junction is gonna become a Waitrose. Oh well, I guess there are less exciting things. I would have liked something like a Staples or PC World, though.

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