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Storm Brewing...

It certainly looks like a hard rain's gonna fall pretty soon. It's damn chilly in here, too. Last year, I managed not to switch the heat on until November 20th. I don't dare, really. In the meantime, I'm wearing my slippersocks and 4 layers...
I watched a really funny horror film, CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTAR,featuring a green Barbara Steele, Christopher Lee in a very unflattering syrup, an aged Boris Karloff twinkling wickedly, a muscleman in antlers and a leather pinny, and so much more... There was a great 'wild party' with 60's people flailing about in orange lace catsuits, beige rollnecks and cords, being 'depraved'  plus dark rites with witches in Woolworths'' animal masks. Loved it!
The daily cartoon diary is happening. It's extremely dull, as nothing interesting ever happens, but hey, at least I'm trying.

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