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Frelled Again...

Zotz!...Which reminds me, there was a really alarming creature on FARSCAPE last night, an alien psychic helping Aeryn to find currently-dead Crichton. It had sort of a massive foetus head, with about eight horribly alive-looking eyes, a little wizened dead-rabbit body, and it crouched in a sort of slatted coal scuttle. It was horrible! It had a spooky little voice, also. Ugh!
NO BBC2 FARSCAPE today, due to fucking snooker; a shame and a disgrage...
Anyway, I downloaded the bloody trial version of Photoshop 7, but when I try to open it I'm informed 'the executable you are attempting to run has been corrupted.' download again, and verify that it's OK. Well duh, I did that the first time, and according to my virus thingie, it's OK. Repeated anyway, same problem... I'm also afraid to just stick the thing in the rubbish bin, 'cos it's a program, and bad things may happen, etc. God Damn! I really need the stupid thing if I'm to have any hope of doing well on this course.It's serious stuff.
I also seem to have lost all my AOL favourites, which is very strange. They're just gone.Bloody nuisance. Dealing with computers does not, will never agree with my technophobic lil' brain...but there's such a world of endlessly cool stuff to play with if I ever manage to get the basics!

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