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I was googling for images of 'Poppinfresh' and got this totally unworksafe result:
(..Well, I tried to put it behind a cut and failed. Go google yourself, and you will find it,and other stiffies, plus all manner of  other strange things, even a few pics of the Pillsbury Dough Boy himself.)

I'm a bit depressed about  the economic meltdown.It's  comical, really, that my mother's crumbling house of horrors should finally have to go on the market when prices are the lowest in 100 years!  Of course, everyone's suffering, but it seems especially unfair on my hard-pressed sister. I just hope there's a buyer at any price,soon, and we can draw the curtain over this whole grim episode.
Lots of rolling heads on THE TUDORS, tonight. Oh, the naffness! I'm addicted, even without Mr Northam,but thank goodness the series is nearly over. I can switch my trash alleigance over to HEROES now.
I am currently doodling a lot of Fletcher Hanks style criminals in hats.

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