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Strenuous, but it's done now...I hope! I was awake at 6, after another night of anxiety dreams, and once again, feeling nauseous...
The US Embassy is still frightening, but not at all as I remember it. When I had to 'renounce' my citizenship in order to get my UK passport, I remember it as beeing all swanky, with shiny terrazzo floors, and marines in dress uniform on guard all over the place. Maybe that was a different area. The place is gigantic.
You get frisked and everything, like at an airport, but the staff is more relaxed and genial that I expected. Once you get properly inside (There are no ramps or lifts. I don't know what wheelchair users are supposed to do.) it's just the usual Kafkaesque environment  you find in council offices, hospitals and such...huge room with queues for several different services, many confused and anxious peeps, screaming kids, flourescent light, big TVs overhead informing us about the Finland massacre...
Anyway, I didn't get hassled. The girl on the counter was quite friendly, even. Whew.
I stopped off on the way home to get my head shaved, but the flaming place looks like it's shut down! I don't know where I'm going to get it done that cheaply, now.
The UPS collected the damn document this afternoon, and I call upon the gods to show us some mercy this time.
I've spent the rest of the day collapsed, watching a film I'd taped, LADIES IN LAVENDER, which was meh.
Best wishes to everyone else who was stressing about today and hope you're all relaxing with a bevvy by now.

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