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A Mrs Tiggy-Winkle Mood...

I feel like having a clear-out of some of the accumulated junk of the summer this morning. (We'll see how far I get-) I'm not a hoarder at all, but it's mystifying, alnmost spooky (-clutter aliens?-), the amount of absurd, useless, unwanted stuff that piles up.
The sky looks almost autumnal at last, and cooler weather is promised, so I feel chipper.
Yesterday's Sunday Times Top Irritation was India Knight opining that women who live alone with cats are sad, mad, etc...Maybe so, but there are worse things, like India Knight-hood. I shouldn't be so judgemental, I guess, the woman has to come up with some old cliched shit to meet her deadlines, put wheatgrass souffle, or whatever, on the waxed refectory table,etc. but Jeez, I'm sure I could come up with better, more interesting shit than that...Yeh, all failures say that, I know. Ach ya ya-
I'm still a bit braindead from that intensive intro to the myriad terrors and tantalisations of Photoshop...We have to do big PROJECTS and stuff! ( I started a 9-week course yesterday; 10:00-4:45 Saturdays. Whew! ) At present, it feels pretty hopeless,to this technophobe, but I intend to have a serious go. It would certainly help if I actually had Photoshop to practise on...Me go now and see if I can find a shareware temporary version, or summat.

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