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Ninteenth Nervous Breakdown Ahoy...

Big hassles with fuckups in the mother's- will business. My sister is desperate to flog the house before it falls down, and it turns out my £60 notarised  document isn't acceptable. It has to be taken to the fecking US Embassy, which nobody bothered to tell me...OR...taken to the FCO in MILTON KEYNES to get an 'apostille' (...which I keep calling a 'pipistrelle' in my  current state of constant trembling terror!...) BTW, the US lawyer had the signed and notarised document back from me two weeks or so ago. Why didn't he notify me straight away, if it wasn't kosher?
Even contacting the correct department of the US embassy is incredibly complicated, and they haven't yet replied to my request for an emergency appointment. Ohhhhhhhhh....May the gods grant this whole dismal business is sorted soon, before we both die from the stress. My sister's situation is much worse than mine, of course, so I shouldn't kvetch, but  I need to. Her mounting hysteria is very contagious, too.

The writer Paul Theroux, who lived in London for some time was on the radio,talking about how he had always been very aware that he was 'an American' in the UK, and if he forgot it for a moment, someone would remind him...This seemed very strange to me. I also noted similar oddness, while trying to escape from horrid reality by indulging my current appetite for the beauty of Jeremy Northam, by watching the lame film of POSSESSION. 
Several references are made to the weird foreign attributes of Americans. The most notable moment was when the dull hero, a macho literary researcher(!), goes to see his mentor at the BM, or wherever. A '50's boffin-type drone is at first suspicious of the brash Indiana Jones-style intruder, then says 'Ohh, you're that AMERICAN who's over here!'
I've never really considered myself an American, except by accident of birth and early location, and while it has actually happened a few times over the past 30-odd years in London, people very seldom make such peculiar assumptions and remarks. I've never felt in any way a foreigner, or in any  doubt that this was where I belonged. Funny...

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