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I Went To The Doctor...

She's quite a good GP, too, but  I don't really like being told that I'm doomed to total crippledom and constant owies...not in so many words, of course, but she says that 'after a certain age it's just wear and tear...' and of course, being  super-obese doesn't help. There are old, fat bastards in this world, though, who can walk without leaning on a shopping trolley and every step being a  torments-of-hell tribulation. Fap!  I mean. don't people get injections and stuff, or painkillers that do something, or is that just for private patients? Bum...
Saw an interesting, if overlong film, IN MEMORY OF ME, about these men on a silent retreat in a monastery, deciding if they really had the vocation to be Jesuits!  I think normal people would probably find it very boring, but as a warped and brainwashed whelp of Holy Mother Church myself, I found the sadomasochistic floor-mopping regime and stuff quite intriguing.  I liked the guy who went around at night tapping on the pretty one's door, and beating his head against the toilet wall...(He realised he wasn't called to the priesthood and sensibly left quite early on.)

Just discovered
beatonna  today. She does really nice strips, often with a whimsical literary or historical slant.

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