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Gotta be a first, in my experience...
I went out to Lambeth Council's homeswap day, to indulge my fantasy about somehow getting relocated to the seaside. Even got some brochures on sheltered accomodation...Hell, why not, as long as you have your own flat and pets are allowed? I'm sure I'm enough of an 'eggshell personality' to qualify. Evidently if you're fucked up enough, you don't have to be retired or anything. At the rate my health is deteriorating, I shouldn't have to swing it much, anyway. I told the bloke at the table that I was 60, anyway, just to get an idea of the setup...He didn't bat an eyelid, the horrible meaning of which is now beginning to dawn on me...
The battling, drunk/doped-up dimwits accoss the hall are finally breaking up. She moves tomorrow, and the horrid BooBoo has to be rehoused. I feel sorry for the poor sodding thing. It's even got alopecia now; no doubt from the stress of listening to those pikeys punching each other out, virtually every night. Luckily, Renate's daughter, who has just moved in with her boyfriend, has come to the rescue and taken the bloody thing on, before anyone started hassling me. No way could I have it. She'd murder Wotan, for starters, and she's just not a 'nice' sort of cat. I don't fucking want her. ( I usually seem to be approached and made to feel guilty, when people are trying to dump animals...I supose they must think 'poor lonely old soul is sure to be delighted to have the company' or something)...I'm also known in the building as 'the cat woman' (...long story,not, alas, involving driving men wild in a PVC gimpette suit...)

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