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Hack, Drip, Sneeze...

I'm still full of cold, but after another day indoors, feel a bit less fevered. Bored, though, very bored indeed.
I've read that The Colony Room will probably be closing. I've always wanted to be taken there by somebody 'in' who would protect me, but it looks like that's not to be. Phooey. It even has the same 'virulent' green walls as I do. I've always been fascinated by it. Another iconic boho dive bites the dust...
Many thanks to  jinty, who has thoughtfully  provided me with an outstandingly nasty laminated holy card depicting St Bartholomew, doing the eyes-raised-piously-to heaven thing,  with the peeled skin hanging off  his arm, and an attendant cherub with a large knife!  Yowza, great stuff!
A council man was here for hours, banging about in  the bathroom, but it will be months and months before anything's done about putting in a shower. It's all quite complicated. They have to take out a wall, and make it an all-in-one with the bog, and all sorts of stuff I didn't understand, especially with my head full of moist cotton wadding. Still, it's all progress, I guess.

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