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New Frenzy Of Nerdism...

Thanks to Garen Ewing's post and links, I am becoming belatedly acquainted with a mad genius of the golden age of comics, one Fletcher Hanks.
Imagine a squadron of  extraterrestial leopard women standing on giant serpents,speeding towards a trembling Earth, the rifles attached to their heads firing full blast...For starters.
I was so utterly smitten that I've ordered yet another book I can't afford from Amazon:

Hanks seems to have been very keen on floating heads, too, a great favourite  topic of mine.

BIG BROTHER  final tonight...I think I'll plump for Darnell, although Mikey would be tolerable, too. They're both 'deserving'  and could probably greatly improve their lives with the money, and some good guidance. The  others are just too obnoxious and/or boring. If Rex wins , it will be a crime against humanity.

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