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Courtesy of one of Moto's commenters, I am now humming 'Big Catholic Mama' to myself, while thinking bad thoughts about  dewy young priests.
I have been having bad thoughts about Thomas More, as  hunkily embodied in the absurd TUDORS series, as  well. How Wrong on how many levels is that?  I started watching bits and pieces of the second series a few weeks ago, was sucked in by its total  doolallyness, and what with the hotness of  the holy martyr, (especially sitting  heroically in his cell with his hair artistically touseled-) that I've ended up watching whole episodes. Now that he's gone to glory, maybe I can break myself of this vile habit.

I  impulsively spent 3.29 on a feckin' loaf of sourdough fruit bread today. Yes, I am insane, and now have nothing else to eat for the weekend but soup and chow mein noodles. My bad.

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