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I finally got back my post-on-LJ powers, which vanished mysteriously for days, and no fiddling would restore them. It's scary how frustrated I felt, especially as I have nothing of any interest to impart. I do enjoy my whining and geekery here, though.
I was sorry to read of the demise of Mr Killer Kowalski the other day. When I was a kiddie we used to watch these really seedy wrestling matches on WOR TV. Killer, who seemed to us about 100 years old, even back then, was a semi-villain, known for his expertise with the deadly claw hold, and  attempts to pull down the trunks of his opponents, which we watched avidly hoping for the revelation of man bits.
My particular favourite wrestler, though, was Haystack Calhoun (not to be confused with Giant Haystacks-), a globular greebo in filthy-looking overalls and big shaggy  black beard. He looked really 'special needs',  and used to practise a Big Daddy-style 'splashdown' to annihilate his opponents.

Double BIG BROTHER eviction tonight, hup!

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