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Sodding Breeders!

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Yes, I am a starving artist, 'cos I'm too sensitive, complex and deep for this loathesome world to fathom....Scum! %^@#*!!!...
I've just spent an hour or so in the launderette, saving money on a service wash. Bad news for my blood pressure and mood, though. A pikey, bloater-faced young woman and her THREE screaming anklebiters had taken over the place; lots of toddler running up and down ulalating with baby's pushchair action, all of them leaving sticky wrappers and drooled-on stuff on the benches in front of the driers, etc. There was also raucous singing-with-mum of the hideous jingle from some TV nappy advert! The thing that really got my hump pulsing was the fact that the ghastly mother was not valiantly struggling to do the laundry and cope with her brood, (Still no excuse-why spawn 'em, anyway?) but both smelly, gyppo-looking, nicotene-clawed grandparents were there, clogging the place up as well! Now, in the name of sanity, wouldn't you think that Nana and Grampa would have the minimal sense required to take the bloody little no-neck monsters outside for some fresh air, away from us poor devils just trying to get our threadbare smalls clean? Once again I must declare I hate the world!
Just saw that PSYCHIC SHOW for the first time. Now that's real daytime TV.Bloody hell! The main feature involved some 'pet psychic' telling the 'Ken Barlow' actor (Willaim Roche?) what his three Jack Russels actually thought of him! - Just like in K-PAX, and it was retarded then...Now I'm a complete sucker for most things related to the paranormal, but I don't want to see that show ever again. Imagine how bowel-churningly BAD it must be...

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