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Fab Fillum...

I'd been a bit hesitant  to see SWEENEY TODD, just because it was so hyped, and because Denis Quilley is 'my' Todd       
 (-Such a shame that performance wasn't captured-)  Much as I like Johnny Depp, I couldn't really see him in the part. 
Must say, though, he was terrific. The whole cast is excellent, including Helena Bonham Carter, who doesn't  impress me much, as a rule. It looks stunning, and my only problem with it is the cuts to the score, including my favourite number. I can accept that  the chopped bits might not have worked very well cinematically, though. C'est la vie.
God, it's so dark it's really quite spooky, and tomorrow, if the sun does come out, it's gonna be hideously sweltering. Humidity sucks.
They never did start measuring the outside windows. Haven't seen a worker since Wednesday..

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