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Boiling Balham...

It looks really autumnal with cloud cover, but when the evil yellow face appears, gnyaaaaah, it burns!  In days gone by, I don't remember actually feeling sizzly after a few minutes in the sun. Maybe it's an old age thing-or the sun really is stronger now.
I took the form about my sister's executorship to be notarised. It was weird, and I had to lug my trolley up stairs. The solicitor was quite attractive, though; kind of a Richard Dawkins type, veh elegant and posh, unsirprisingly. He must be pretty damn rich.
 I have this spooky neurotic fear lately, of my mother reaching out from beyond the grave to harm me. I was the same when my father died. My sister's similarly afflicted, and actually has had a deer run into her car, and fallen of a (small) cliff, since my mother's death.
The disgusting Mikey, he of the plastic cup to wash his willy in, the Brussells Spouts chomping feat,'buttery' bogeys, and the sucking peanut butter off his fingers riff, seems to be the favourite to win BIG BROTHER.
 In a way, it would be nice, as I'm sure he could put it to good use to make his life easier.
 I would kind of like Darnell to win,personally, as I get the impression that he could make something of himself, with a bit of backing, and maybe some therapy for the self-esteem issues. I'm not sure what, but the lad's got something...
NicoRex should just be killed. 
Lisa was on good form in the THRILLER task, revelling in zombie-dom. She's definitely won my affection, now. Not everyone appreciates the coolness of zombies.


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