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Another eerie dark and blustery day.
I surfed onto that SECRET MILLIONAIRE TV show last night, featuring a rich guy meeting disabled po' folk in Glasgow. There was a sweet old lady with a bristly beard who could no longer get up and down the stairs, but wouldn't go to sheltered accomodation because they wouldn't allow her cat to come too. (Wrong! Just plain cruel!)  So, she was living in a festering flat full of bags of putrid cat litter.  'I used to be so houseproud...'she sighed. The millionaire later gave a load of money to some very deserving candidates, but the old lady was never mentioned again. Surely getting her flat in order,then paying  a cleaner/carer to pop in every couple of days to maintain it,  would cost the authorities a lot less than having her in a sheltered flat or a  'home', and  the old lady could live in dignity with her cat chum. God, life's cruel, and there's just so much incompetence and waste around. Fap.

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