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 Got a copy of my mother's will today. Thank the gods, she was persuaded to make a new one shortly before she died. (The old one was really weird, cutting my sister and I off, and leaving everything to her brother's son (who is now, I'm led to believe, a millionaire!), the dogs' home and the Church.  I have to sign a Waiver and Consent in front of a Notary Public, so my sister can take over as executor.
Now, the last time I had to notarise something, agres ago, I took it to a local newsagent who was a notary, and paid a pound or two. This is gonna cost SIXTY-FIVE pounds, and I have to schlep to Balham. I couldn't believe it, but I rang around, and it seems to be the  case.
There's nothing to inherit, really, except my mother's house, which she allowed, despite constant pleas, to deteriorate to a tumbledown wreck, and with the current market it's unlikely to fetch much at all, and take ages to sell. We've discovered as well, that the place is heaving with asbestos, including the shingles. There may be big fines to pay. I just hope I realise enough to pay off my credit card and maybe get the flat decorated, and have lino throughout, instead of my stinking old frayed, secondhand when I got 'em, carpets..
It was very strange and sad to see my mother's scrawled, feeble signature. Poor old thing; God help her.
Shamefully, I wept buckets over the death of Wellard the EASTENDERS dog, last week, but have yet to really cry for my mother. I feel like a very Bad Person indeed. I do feel pity, sorrow and guilt, but there was very little about her that I'll actually miss.

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