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Succumbed To a WIRE Spoiler In The Guardian...

Nooooo! Not PropJoe! After Bubbles, he was my favourite surviving character. Sheeeeit!
I got my filling replaced with no hassles, than the gods.
R Next Door is freaking outheavily  over the scaffolding. In her flat there's now a constant whistling noise, and I've just had a fireman in here, because she claims she can hear it in my place, too. (I can't, and neither could he...) She thinks we should all get compensation. Evidently there have been quite a few instances already of people climbing on it, etc., at night. It's starting to give me the heebie-jeebies a bit, especially as R  ('I haff always had ze Sixth Sense.'..)  has been having  premonitions about  'somesink  terrible happening here.'  due to the works.

I was surprised that BIG BROTHER's second pretty, vacant boy, Stu got evicted. (This series has foiled my expectations several times, now.) I'll miss his body, but he 's terribly wet, bless him. NicoRex are now totally intolerable. It's just bizarre that he's lasted this long. She's gotta go Friday, surely.  At this point I think the winnah should be Darnell or dark horse Lisa, who has grown, surpisingly, on everyone. She's seen an alien, has a pal who 'discovered DNA', and met her man Mario when she 'bought a crystal ball off him on Ebay.' What's not to like?

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