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Utterly Grotesque!

I saw one of those wayyyy-out Japanese horrors last night. It was called GOZO, and was a sort of yakuza/ghost/gross-out comedy.
I think it may be the most deleriously insane thing I've seen since TETSUO.  It was particularly strong on sexual bizarrenes, including a Godfather type who could only get an erection by sticking the handle of a soup ladle up his bum, and a guy having sex with his dead psycho brother, who had turned into a woman. There was also a constantly lactating middle-aged woman,  a sort of drooling minotaur-thing in Y-fronts, with a big scary tongue, and oh so much more. Like most Japanese horrors, there was very little plot, just a string  of strange, strange episodes. Holy Moley...

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