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Guilt, etc...

I think it's probably very wrong  to write about trivia in LJ  while my poor old mother lies in a coma. There's bigger all else I can do, though, and I need diversion.
R next door returned briefly, found a pigeon with its foot tangled up in a plastic thread on the balcony, and when she couldn't free it, took it to the vet. She got it home,then in the middle of the night it started bleeding heavily ,so she took it to the RSPCA emergency. All in all, in cost her £92 she doesn't have. Madness, yet  I've done even crazier things for animal lurve. The pigeon is now back home on her balcony, looking smug .I dislike the things, but they have a right to life, too.
I wanted very much to go to CAPTION, and the weather's not even too hot. It would have been highly inappropriate, though,in view of my approaching bereavement, apart from the anguish of getting there, etc. etc. Did anybody stay in the spooky cloister-place this year?
Feeling sad and creepy, thinking about my mum, I watched the Olympic extravaganza from Beijing. It was so spectacular as to be almost hallucinatory...In all that humid heat, with all those thousands of performers, surely somebody must have fainted, though?  There was no sign of prostrate drummers, etc. at the end of routines, or was it just editing?
Decorative-but-dopey Dale was the BIG BROTHER evictee. He's afraid of moths, on the basis of which I can relate to him a bit. Unusually, at this point, I've no idea who's going to win, and I don't particularly like anyone.
 Pompous ginger whinger Rex really, really should have been gone weeks ago, but his hideous passive-aggressive relationship with his pouting teenage 'Princess'  is horribly fascinating to watch.

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