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Checkin' In...

Haven't had much to say recently, but neither have a lot of LJ people.
In my case, there's nothing much going on, except horrible deathwatch stuff, which i don't want to go into, much. I really  have to gawp in admiration of my sister, who is coping heroically. Of course, having been a nurse, she's seen it all many times, but I really don't know how they manage to deal with it.
Mostly, as usual, I divert myself with TV nonsense and DVDs. BIG BROTHER has come up with some surprisingly good wheezes. They've brought in nastyboy Rex's Barbie-doll 'Princess' girlfriend as a housemate., now. This caused Lisa who was 'missing Mario' to go tonto and break out, but fortunately she went back in. I don't really understand why the very boring Maysoon walked out the day before she would surely have been evicted. Mo escaped yet again, and poor Luke got booted! He had been pretty subdued last week, pining for his bit of rough, Bex, but surely he should have made the final five...
Watched  one of my obscure German films, YELLA, which i don't remember putting on my rental list, and don't know why i did. It was OK, though. Seemed to be influenced by CARNIVAL OF SOULS.
They keep saying the weather is 'much fresher', but they lie...
I quite miss R Next Door. If she aims to stay away as much as possible over the next year or more, she may never come back. She's mental, and all, but it's good to have a buddy-neighbour.

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