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Lame Snakes And Lunacy...

BONEKICKERS  totally manages to get dafter every week, impossible as that may seem. I don't think  this week can be topped, but I'm sure they'll manage. Particularly liked the prissy museum boss meeting the press dressed as Alexander the Great, and the  lil' ten-year-old girl incapacitating a thug. Dolly was certainly right not to kill that snake, as well, as it was obviously a previously unknown species, possibly not of this earth.
Much  BIG  BROTHER excitement, as nearly everyone is up for eviction due to naughty discussions of nominations.
I think it really is Mo's turn to go. Or Rachel's. I'd rather Rachel, but I'm not sure now, if she's actually up for eviction. Think so, though...
The Scaffold Men are getting closer...
No change in the family situation; it could conceivably go on this way for a few months. Evidently my mother's lucid moments are even fewer now, which may be a mercy. It also gets me off the hook, as far as a deathbed dash is concerned. She probably wouldn't know me. May the powers that be be lenient...


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