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Gloom & Doom...

My poor old mother sounds weak and very demented. I 'talk' to her on the phone a lot, now. It's all horrible. I don't think my sister and brother-in-law are getting any sleep at all. The hospice people are coming  again, tomorrow.
 If I ever get get that old and poorly, I just hope someone is kind enough to give me plenty of psychedelics throughout.
Those of you whp pray, I'd greatly appreciate it if you said one for her. Our relationship has always been uneasy and often very unpleasant, but I'd so like her to make a peaceful end. She's had such a rubbish life.

There's nothing even on TV to distract myself with, either, until BIG BROTHER...Quite a surprise eviction Friday. No, Rebecca, nooo!  Dreadful mindless slag, but she did keep things stirred up. I still fail to see why (apart from being a greedy eater and farting a lot-) poor Mohamed is so disliked. He's always seemed a gentle, quite good-natured kid, and not as boring as Rachel.(Although he is pretty boring, granted.) I guess I'll go listen to Messaein on the Proms, although that may make me cry...

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