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Got the Sunday Times Hump Again

That new CELEBRITY FIT CLUB TV show has given the grotesque AA Gill the opportunity to indulge is his favourite unpleasantness (well, that I know about...)laying lipsmackingly vicious verbal abuse on 'weak, angry, frightened' fat people. Feckin' pathetic. This man has no discernible talent,doesn't know what he's talking about,most of the time, yet he gets to write about half the bloody paper,every week; so strange...(And yes, of course, I'm still buying it. I've covered this-and hey, I'm a weak fatty, after all!)
It's Listen To Mother day, so I've already got a headache and a lowering Bad Mood, anyhow. Good stuff on telly tonight, though-including another documentary on the weirdness of Michael Jackson. I've always reckoned he started the whole plastic surgery thing because he dreaded ending up resembling his 'orrible father. Some talking head said the same the other night, and it was greeted as an amazingly deep thing to come out with. Seems obvious to me. (-especially since I piss myself everytime I catch a flash of The Madwoman in the mirror.) It is kinda sad, though, when you're reminded what a good-looking lad MJ was; he didn't start to get really creepy until after THRILLER.

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