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A Poorly State...

I've been slumped  in total depressive bloated-sack-of-protoplasm mode all week. I'm thoroughly sick of myself, my tribulations, my ailments, and everything in general. Glub.
BIG BROTHER's  snoring Belinda got evicted, unsurprisingly. Actually, though, I found her easier to take than sneery Rex, who has survived. He may go mad, though, which would be interesting. Darnell fucked up the already minimal shopping list, so they might all get really strung out, actually. No coffee, no tea!
The latest  teen knife murder was just about a mile down the road. Haven't seen R Next Door today, so she's probably taken to her bed, or else gone to stay at the dog owner's, as The Scaffold inevitably rises. 
We've had notices put through the door threatening tenants who have been throwing eggs, etc. at the workers with eviction!

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