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Had a visit from    [info]jinty    who was having a London day, and with incredible generosity bestowed upon me her ex-Mac and a printer, which I hope to eventually come to terms with. It certainly is a lot bigger than I expected, having envisioned a weeny  i - Mac, somehow, and  I have guilt about all the lugging involved. Hope the karmic return for that is extra-juicy. I'm really grateful.
Was again pleasantly surprised that  blowhard Mario got evicted from the BB House.. Of course, the Jade-dumb, tit-flashing Bex is not a lot better, but she makes a good comedy duo with scrawny schemer Luke. Must say, though, the editing intent is blatantly obvious these days. All last week Mario was displayed at his absolute worst, even picking on his consort Lisa,  trying to make her paranoid about the other housemates.( She didn't seem very bothered, possibly because her face is cosmetically paralysed).


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