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Blowy Again...

I wonder if the constant wind-whistling can have an effect on your mind? I seem to remember an old silent film where a woman trapped in a storm  in a remote cabin went mad...I don't actually dislike it, though, it's just a bit weird.
Ah, the BIG BROTHER eviction should be fun, to-night. Mario v Bex again. She's desperately playing for a reprieve by snogging Luke, although rather surprisingly, she hasn't had her fiery biscuits out this week, that I recall.
Mario is so worked up he's getting Pontius Pilate, Judas, and maybe Brutus all confused.
And yes, definitely the burns-into-your-brain image of the week was Darnell sitting on the bog, pants down, drinking beer. Actually, I find Darnell so hideous  that I often can't bear to look at him, but despite this,  he appears to be one of the most sensible and 'emotionally mature' of the housemates. He's my sort-of favourite at present, actually.Oh yes, he was deported from the US for being a bad gang boy, too. Gotta be in his favour.

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