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Neat Stuff...

Got  cleanskies'    admirable mini OWL IS ANGRY  in the post today. Everyone, of course, should get one, especially those unrewarded genius-types who drudge in Dayjobland. There was also an amazing bonus The Krakow Notebook, an item of such creepy charm that I must think of a suitably cool use for it. Many thanks to Jeremy. My day is made.
The dental checkup was OK, although he reminded me darkly to keep an eye on the probably-doomed tooth and present myself as soon as it flares up again. Wibble.
Bizzare dream about the brother(I've never met him-) of a friend, being buggered with a tampon outside a chicken coop. He has a head rather like a Slitheen's. The alien doing the abusing looks like Mr Myzpttlk. He yanks the tampon out and holds it up, rather bloody, for the inspection of shocked bystanders, while the friend's brother/Slitheen, whimpers in shame and discomfort. Ew.  I'd much prefer a nice straightfoward celeb-shag dream, thanks, Mr Morpheus.

The Scaffolding is finally going up. For about a year. It is a bit of a worry, really. R Next Door, of course, is prostrate.

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