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The annual boiler service inspection is supposed to take place today, so I'm sitting here waiting...
I wonder if R Next Door even lets them in?...She has a distrust of  council workers, etc, and doesn't answer the door. I don't think she's even got her TV connected to the roof arial, because she doesn't want potential criminals she doesn't know casing the joint. The scaffolding people are finally arriving this week, and she's so het up she has to run up and down the stairs (15 floors...!...) at least  twice a day, to calm herself. She won't see the doctor, as the pills don't seem to work for her, either. Her only consolation is exhausting herself  until she can finally sleep. Jeez, what can you do? I try to reassure her, but... I just hope her unattended boiler doesn't  go blooey and blow us all to hell.
BIG BROTHER  is getting quite interesting, now. Simple, Shrek-faced  Rebecca is bored, and can't cope with it, so she strips off at every opportunity, to flaunt her large 'natural' gazongas, and/or  picks fights. (Poor old Mohamed gets bashed again...)
Rex and  Jen are up for eviction. She, 'the only normal single girl...' is the apex of the big 'love triangle', so won't be evicted, sadly.  'Cookie Power'  woman Kat is now becoming strangely sulky, too, which is interesting. The camera caught her looking profoundly disgusted as Mario and his mate Lisa  face-sucked sweatily in the garden. For the first time, she seemed human, not a cartoon character.  Lisa was also helping Mario pop his zits again. Do you see this, O God?

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