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Leatherjacket Longings

Now, as a veggie, anti-fur-wearing kisser of dirty,drooling animal jowls, and stuff, I really have no business lusting for leather. All my life, though, I've fancied a three-quarter length black leather swing coat...
This morning I saw it, the one I've always imagined, reduced from US $300 to $79. Small problem: I have no money. I don't even NEED a coat. It may not even get cold enough to wear a coat, the way the weather's going...I want it so much, though...I ordered it on my credit card anyway, then went back and deleted, 'common sense' having won,(for a moment...) A few hours later, when I realised that I just had to somehow have the fucking coat, I went back to the site and ordered it again...SOLD OUT!!! Have, of course, been obsessing about it ever since- Also went to LIDL to buy cheap groceries, and they are selling computers with windows XP,DVD,CD burner, snortingly, throbbingly butch graphics card,every imaginable bell & whistle for £750...Wahhh, I want! And yet, I know that if I had these goodies, I'd just be yearning for some other fucking thing. All is vanity, etc.(But I still want-)

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