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Unspeakable Grossness...

Maybe it's just the dull life I've lead, but I have never indulged in mutual zit-popping with anyone, much less a luvah...Is this a common practise? BIG BROTHER Mario and his missus seem to be at it all the time, and I have known of other couples who indulge in it, but I find it utterly horrific.
As for the whole Alex thing, I'm beginning to think it's a setup, and she's an actor. What's the pont of BB, anyway, if there's no kicking off? As someone who's experienced intense in-yer-face bullying abuse in the workplace, I do recognise how stressful it is to deal with someone like that, longterm, but I really don't think anybody found her rambling about her gangster friends waiting  outside to pop people's families, etc. intimidating.That whole riff was just comical. The constant picking on young Mohammed was a bit more sinister, but he didn't seem seriously disturbed, either, just pissed off...Instead of evicting her, they could have bunged her in the wee solitary confinement dungeon for a few days, which would have been much more entertaining. *Cackle*

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