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Ban This Filth!

It looks as though "'most hated housemate EVER!"  the unpleasant Alex  will be Friday's BIG BROTHER bootee, ...which *choke* means another week of Mario! I don't know if I can deal with that, especially if he keeps lounging around topless with his hands behind his head, displaying at length his fearsome hirsute armpits. It really shouldn't be allowed.
EASTENDERS  should be worth checking out; hour-long episode, and Someone Will Die. Probably just Mad May...but we've already had one insane woman's  flamboyant death quite recently.  I think Dumbass Dawn should bite the dust...And what about that bloody lotto ticket? Who picked it up, and how can an entire family, even the Millers, be so thick that they didn't even attempt  to A) find out how much they'd won. B) try to claim, when they'd lost the thing, by going back to where they'd bought it, etc.

I actually feel rather cold. The wind's pretty wild up here.
Feckin' AOL is playing up like mad, too. Bum.

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