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Retarded Fantasy...

At TRANSFABULOUS the other day, I idly wondered what I'd look like if I changed sex... I've only got a bit of thin,sparse hair left as it  is, so if I were a man, I'd definitely be a total slaphead by now. In fact, I would look exactly like Comic Book Guy, only stark bald. It would be interesting to see if I grew a lot of body hair. I shouldn't think so, judging by my gurl never know, though. ..I wouldn't like that. Of course, I wouldn't be interersted in transitioning anyway, unless I could just  do it for a little while and change back. I would like to see if  doing the sex feels different with a willy...Now and then I'm a bloke in my dreams, but I'm always about 20, and fairly good looking. Actually I'm nearly always aesthetically passable in dreams, younger, unfat, and generally OK-ish. 

In other news, I have a strange desire for fish and chips, and I forgot to buy Brillo pads again, dammit.
Hope I can get some cartooning done this afternoon.


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