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TRANSFABULOUS - Been There, Dunnit....

Well, a bit of it, anyway. I had the usual hellish journey, both ways, although it only took about an hour and a half to get home... I want to rant about evil bus drivers who say they'll shout out at the right stop, and then don't. Often the bus is so full that you can't make an educated guess where to get off , and go miles past the stop, like I did. Later, at Vauxhall, I saw a poor man  with a stick complaining to the driver that he now had to walk back to the right stop, 'cos said driver hadn't bothered to tell him, after all. It's not funny, when every feckin'  step hurts. It would be better if they just refused to help, so at least you'd know...*&6$@!!!
Anyway, I got there, huffin' and a -puffin',  in time for Jason's very jolly cartoon workshop, which was quite well attended for a Saturday morning, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. There  were some interesting photos on display, and a play aimed at youngsters, about teenage transformations of all sorts. I found it pretty dull and worthy, but it wasn't intended for me. I sure wish there had been things like that when I was a young'un, though. I felt quite moved at the discomfort of one wee girl who was being 'encouraged' to get into makeup and dollybird drag. I remember being there, all right... I was gobsmacked to hear, at  the Q&A session that this work had been performed at two Catholic schools! So, some things do get better, I guess, thank the gods...I  was utterly exhausted by the time it ended, and had to get outdoors, so apologies to
jasonelvis,   [info]rozk, and anyone else I  didn't speak to properly, or failed to notice, on the way out. I was very glad I'd forced myself to go, anyway.  It was a good scene, with a lovely  laid-back atmosphere. Badass, who was also leaving, insisted on treating me to a spot of lunch. I succumbed gratefully,  and I think it's a good thing I did, as I hadn't had any breakfast or anything and was feeling a bit fainty. - Whoo, time to settle down to some telly, now, and a read of Jason's comic.  

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