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Interest Meme...

Duh...I think you're suppose to start with seven of your own LJ interests? Thass what I'm doing, anyway.

Cosmetic Surgery...This has intrigued me almost from infancy. I've always wondered what kind of life I might have had if I'd been good-looking, with the ability to use it cannily. My sister and I used to draw profiles of 'attractive' young people all the time, and in a sort of 'hangman' game, add blemishes and wrinkles until they were really fucked up. We took great pleasure in this. 
Just the idea of changing oneself endlessly fascinates me, and leads me to watch grossly insulting TV programmes...You name it, HOW TO LOOK TEN YEARS YOUNGER, EXTREME MAKEOVER, THE SWAN...Nothing is too vile. I'm also a great follower of Orlan and her art mutations.
Hermits...Another lifelong obsession. I even used to play at being a St Jerome-type cavedweller sitting in a dark 'cave' , under a table, with a rubber ball skull, or whatever. If I'd lived when being a hermit was an accepted career choice, I might have been quite content, and indeed, acceptable to society. People used to consider it a good deed to leave the odd bowl of gruel, etc. outside the local hermit's hole. Then they'd feel good about themselves, hence well-disposed to hermits.
Seaside Towns...It's always been my dream to live in one, the seedier the better, as long as it's no more than a couple of hours from London. Strange, as my mother was brought up in St Kilda, and was sent out every day to play on the beach until dusk, which, of course, she hated. I'd like a crappy fairground, too, of course. 
Idleness...This, I believe, is my vocation, and perhaps the ideal state of humanity.
Udo Samel...Representative of my obsession  with obscure German films that virtually never get seen here. He's a very interesting,very intense actor,. Think Bob hoskins, only more cerebral and versatile.
Genderqueers...part of my mutability thing, I suppose. I also dislike , and always have, the idea of being expected to think/look/speak/behave in  a certain way due to the configuaration of my bits.
Osman Spare...Crazy name, crazy guy. Artist, philosopher,magician, air raid warden... He lived in this neck of the woods, too.

Re: BIG BROTHER...I'm really not watching every night this year, but am, of course, beginning to form attachments and opinions. Like,'Mario' really, really gets on my tits,and I want to stab him with a fork. The dreadful pouty blonde bint (Stephanie?) must go first, though.

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