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<p>My penis's new name is <b>Colonel Sanders the Strangely Proportioned Prehensile Tentacle</b>.<br /><a href="">Take Name Your Penis by badasstronaut. today!</a><br /><small>Created with <a href="">Rum and Monkey</a>'s <a href="">Name Generator Generator</a>.</small></p>

...I thought at first you were supposed to invent a penis name and type that in...I called 'mine' Hugh Walpole.
Loved that TV prog on Richard Burton, with the delightful Rupert Everett.I wonder if he'd like to come round and hang out? I've passed Burton's tent-tomb many times, but never realised it had windows in it, so you can gawp at the actual coffins. Yuk.
Was also riveted by MARY QUEEN OF SHOPS, which I don't usually watch, but was curious to see this time, because it concerned a 'large ladies' shop. (All the way up to size 22!) The proprietor was this amazingly grotesque woman who looked like Jodie marsh ten years on, who blatantly hated and despised the fat, and stocked the most hideous penetential clothing possible...including a black sack with what appeared to be mohair trimmings, for the most totally hopeless 'mis-shapes'.The formidable Mary sorted her out, of course, at least on camera, but I was left wondering why on earth 'Jodie' had ever actually decided to take over a business catering to a clientele she finds so sickening?

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