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FRELLED Most Royally...

From the window, traffic headed for the West End looked reasonable, so I left at 5 to get to the ICA for 6:30 or 7, (some doubt about time)...with ages to spare.
I waited 40 minutes for a 77A, then was still in Pimlico on diversion at 7:15...I gave up ,and waited glumly for a bus home.My back was too ouchy to try walking that far.We stood nearly 2 hours, in which time there were three 77As, two too full to take any more passengers on. God, I hate this city!
...Apparently in France when there's a dispute, the transport workers fuck the bosses by letting everyone ride free on 'strike' days. Now THAT makes sense!
The talk was no doubt really interesting, especially as I'm starting a course next week in using the pc for artwork. Oh well, I still have the £8 it would have cost, which I couldn't afford to spend in the first place, so that's something...Grunt-

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