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Bird Cries...

I haven't yet had any Google luck with this...This morning, something went 'Ki-ki--ki-ki'  quite near the window. I know there are kestrels  around here, but I've only seen one once. Is that the noise they make?
Exciting news from my sister. She has indeed heard of Amy Wolfe, the lover of '1001 Nachts' and dry-humper of altar rails, who is reasonably 'local'. The sibling doesn't share my lurid fascination, though, and it will be hard to get any further information. Well, she has enough on her plate, but you'd think she'd relate a bit, as she was obsessed with the Empire State Building ,herself,  and used to carry a picture of it around and talk to it. (As a pre-school nipper, I hasten to add...)
I am already hot and sickly, and considering going  further into debt by purchasing a Daewoo PSD9502T. Of the digital recorders I've researched, it seems to be the best cheapish one. Hmm...
BIG BROTHER 9 is still extremely dull. Why do they have to have a screamer every time.? This year there are two, the lil' 'Cookie Monster' gremlin, and a strapping, beefy adult girl, whose incessant high-pitched emanations seem somehow even more undignified and infuriating than those of last year's weedy, wafting Twins. Not big, not clever. Be quiet.


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