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Saw a weird-ass, eerie Western, SILENT TONGUE, one of River Phoenix's last performances. It was a bit of a jumble, and didn't quite make it, but  had its moments, including a spookily prescient final sighting of Phoenix and Richard Harris, sloping off into the wasteland like the characters at the end of THE SEVENTH  SEAL. It's also provided me with a particularly vexing earworm, a macabre music-hall song performed by the travelling show.

Bleached my bristles. Not sure if it looks better or even worse.
I'd quite like to drop into NO BARCODES at Camden tomorrow, just to say hello, but I always say I'm gonna try to go to these things and then I don't. I'm frit of falling over with my walker, and it 's sure to be crowded and sweaty. Burble...

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