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R Next Door is in chronic hysteria about the impending New Windows business, involving a year or so of scaffolding around the building.  I got robbed the last time they had scaffolding, but I don't feel particularly worried. I suppose 'cos I'm in complete despair, anyway.
R doesn't think the council should be spending money on new windows after only 20 years, anyway. 'In Austria, zese things last for a hundret years. Workmanship here is szo inadequate...' Plenty of truth, in that, of course. The solid construction skills of Cellar Incest Maniac Man came to mind, but it was time for EASTENDERS and I didn't want to get her started...
Lots of power failures around here today. Sainsbury's didn't have any fresh bread and Yummy Mummy types were swooning with disappointment.
I got my bonce shaved, and as usual, it looks so dreadfully grotesque,but  feels so good...
Yoofs were hanging around the landing for hours last night. That does spook me, actually. I don't want that to become a regular thing. They just walk straight past the concierge; Tsk! ...They saw me peering out like Dot Cotton, and commenced to make those menacing Monkey Noises at me, which, as intended, sent me promptly back into my shell, and double-locking frantically..
Must watch that Doris Lessing interview later. I knew someone who knew her in the 50's and evidently she's had more cock than just about anyone on earth. She still has a glitterin', sassy eye.
Found that strip outline I was looking for...another 'orribly sad/maudlin one, though...

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