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Pretty Damn Dreich...

...I don't mind it at all, of course, but my condolences to those who wanted a hot and sunny Bank Holiday.

Now, for a change,what with people giving me cool stuff in the post,  I'd like to be able to give somebody something they'd like, if possible...
Is anyone at all into this dude?

Remote, I know, but  hey, you know, no disposable income, no neat stuff...I 'won' this T-shirt  from a newspaper coupon in 1996, when he played the Albert Hall, and was considered brilliant and super-hott by some... It's white, 'Large' (looks pretty skimpy to me-) 
Has images of him topless and sleazily leering, on it and is signed by the man himself. I kept it hoping it would be a valuable 'collectible' some day...
'First' to express an interest gets it.
I also have a white T-shirt from Belgrade 1996, with the iconic fried egg on it, sized XXL by 'normal' standards, a little bit of history...
I'm drawing a bit, anyway. Sad stuff, but it's something.


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