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 I can't  believe it, but I'm actually proud of myself that I made it  'all the way'  from the road to the Serpentine Gallery  and back! It was really, really difficult , but I wanted to see the Maria Lassnig show, and I did! I like her work, and find it especially inspiring that she's old, and still Louise Bourgeois-style, dirtyminded, perky and prolific. They have some very entertaining little animations she's done, too. I particularly liked KANTATE, in which she appears, beady-eyed and sassy, summing up her life. Unfortunately, the screen is incredibly badly placed, right at the entrance. There is ONE tiny stool, and if you don't bag that, you're kind of standing in the way of the peeps going in and out, for about 45 minutes, if you want to see all the fillums. That is just dumb. They're worth seeing, too, very chortlesome. Anyone with some time to kill in London should check Ms Lassnig out.
I'm 'good' this week; nearly finished a (rubbish, of course, but it exists-) new strip, and all.
Now I think I'll watch PLANET TERROR. Hup!

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