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One Of The All-Time Greats...

Oh, how profoundly I love this:

I  finally got around to reading Sean Azzopardi's 24 HOUR SHIFT, which I liked very much. Yes, that was my life,too, for so many, many years. Nowadays  my life is even worse!  HaaaaaHa Ha Ha... (*Twitches and gibbers,rolls a bulging Klaus Kinski eye*)...Haaaah!

I took Co-Codamol in desperation, today, but the reaction is the same as ever. Total brainfog, but the pain doesn't go away. Feck.

I've been thinking about how much I want some decent mind-altering drugs. If I haveta be like this for the rest of my natural, I'd like my imagination and sense of humour back, at least. Wouldn't even know who to ask, these days. ..Speaking of such. My 'Aliens' emoticon menu doesn't include the 'stoned' one! Why's this?

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