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Gender Rant...

...I nodded out during the TV news and people talking shite about men and women being 'different spieces' and stuff on the retarded NOW SHOW woke me up. The potato-faced presenter said he hadn't thought the sexes were really different until he had daughters, and realised  they were totally alien in every possible way, etc. and you can see it all on CHILD OF OUR TIME,  etc. The co-presenter and the prissy  rich bint from SEX IN THE CITY cheered him on.
I haven't seen that particular show, but I know that old git boffin always manipulates the data to show how different the sexes are, when the kids are obviously being at least partially manipulated by the way the adults are  ( maybe uconsciously-) steering them to behave.It's sooooo DAILY MAIL, and I just don't understand what good it does for anyone, that so many are so keen to maintain these restrictive gender myths. Fum!  Of course, the fact I find it so annoying and intelligence-insulting  no doubt just illustrates what a big ol' hysterical girliepants I am...
Took delivery this morning of a most impressively posh fan, thanks, I believe, to the splendid motodraconis. It's now set up and ready to join my rotary-blade artillery when the next heatwave strikes, and I have a feeling it's going to be a horribly hot summer. I am very grateful (and yes, guilty-)
Actually, although yesterday and today were slightly less oppressive, I feel even more  helpless and exhausted. I went to Clapham Junction to buy a pack of cheap spoons at Woolworths, and that just about did for me. 
I did manage to get a look round the Church of the Ascension on Lavender Hill, at long last. It's very seldom open, except for services. They have some thing going now  ( 'the Lavender Circle'! )  for those with 'time on their hands'...I peered in, and there were two old hags (about my age-) waiting for lost souls. I asked them if I could have a look round, and they let me, but there was a fair bit of cup of tea-proffering and asking me if I was all right. It was worth sticking my beak in, though; loads of Victorian-style saint statues with glass eyes, etc. and some very nice brick vaulting. I think it's a rather well-known building, actually. I wish I would have puttered longer, but they were watching every second, which made me feel shy.
SCRABULOUS on Facebook has gone funny again. Won't load my games. Grumble...

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