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I Caaaaaan't STAND It...

Dunno how I'm going to cope with another three months or so of this. It seems (like most things-) to get harder every year.
I not only can't work, I can't do anything. I've been escaping into reading about the glamour days of theatre; people like the Oliviers tooting around in funny hats, on ocean liners, and stuff. I don't know why all that fascinates me so much. I wouldn't like to have to maintain a strange, swanky image all the time. 
Another riveting Hollywood-Royalty type thing was last night's SHRINK RAP, with Tony Curtis. Pamela Richardson Connolly usually just annoys me, and the other episodes I've seen were pathetic.( If she wasn't even going to attempt to get anything real out of Gene Simmonds, for instance, why have him on the show?) She's also boringly certain that everybody's first sexual experience had to be some sort of rape/abuse ( I'm sure most people's first sex was rubbish, but not that bad! )
Anyway, Tony Curtis was very articulate,  aparently totally sincere about his rough childhood, substance addictions, etc. and I found it  really moving.
I watched the Soap Awards, as well, as my brain wasn't fit for anything  more demanding. Of course,I only watch EASTENDERS, so couldn't really bring my own critical judgenment (fnaar-) into play. I do think Heavver and Shirl wuz robbed in the Best Couple category, though. And poor little Bradley should win something. I like Bradley. You could see Sophie Thompson was a bit miffed at losing both Best Villain, and Best Exit  (blathering suicide dive in full bridal regalia, fer Christ's sake!) -as she might well be. Not Fair.


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