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'Grumpy Trump'...

For this very useful title, thanks to

jasonelvis  It is hot already. It was hot yesterday. Can we have autumn back, now, please? The Bank Holiday was allowable, but quite sufficient. I am particularly bemused by the fact that so many people are still steaming around in jackets, heavy hoodies, etc. It is HOT, now, you fools... I have to get in touch with the bloody council, who, as they very often do, have decided my rent is in arrears, and have to be set straight. at length.  Why do they never make their frequent errors in anyone's favour? Oh God, it's so trying and tedious, etc. I still have the ridiculous earworm that jumped me on Monday, while viewing  AGUIRE WRATH OF GOD at Fiona's..The subtitle that read 'Strip the Negro! Go! Go!' ...It would make a good song title. (In the film, an unlucky black guy {well,not much unluckier than everyone else, really...} was made to run seminaked in front of the rest of the charging Conquistadors to scare the natives, who had, at that point, seen even fewer black people than white.) I watched TOO FAT TO TODDLE last night, which, although it was more 'serious' that the title would suggest, was generally patronising and insulting. Surely there are fat kids from non-ignorant, shouty chav families? Much weeping, and 'Oh Gawd, it's our fault; we're killing them!', etc. Enlightenment, supervised by skinny little man, has them all chopping carrot sicks and investing in trampolines, pronto. If those kids were being bullied before, wait until their classmates see them and their hapless families on TV...  I could go on a bit about this programme, actually, but can't be bovvered.  Grump.

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