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Bank Holiday Monday...

Here's hoping that those who like warm sunny weather enjoyed it. It does make a change, for a holiday.
I had a pleasant  snackchat afternoon athelenraven's  lovely cool flat, watching AGUIRRE,WRATH OF GOD again, after many years, and a documentary about compulsive hoarders (-like my mum, only most of them were a lot worse...Garage full of crammed paint cans of the 'artist''s own shit, anyone?)
I also managed to get a bit drunk on fizzy wines.Yum.
I was quite shocked when I got home to see the news that this morning's 'not many dead' reports about the Burma storm have turned into a major catastrophe.
Wonder if this means they'll cancel part 2 of FLOOD on ITV? I never understand how they work out  whether to postpone shows that may seem in poor taste at the time of a similar dramatic RL story.
EASTENDERS really is more OTT at the moment than I can ever remember, and I'm a regular viewer since the very beginning.Neighbourhood mad boys Sean and Stephen are both nearing a rolling boil, now. It's poor Stacey I feel sorry for. Hope the inevitable tragedy throws her and Bradley back together, anyhow...And what's to become of poor old Wellard? And Roxy's run over Pat! Criminy...

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