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Are We Doomed?...

I didn't realise last night that they weren't even starting to count the London votes until this morning. So, it's still all hanging in the balnce, but it doesn't look good. Not at all.
Oh well, I've managed to do some more bloody clearing-out, and it actually looks a little tidier, in this room, anyway, and I've been drawing a bit. It's kind of a good day, then, as my days go,nowadays.
Mild spoilers ahead...
Dull HEROES last nught, except for the appearance of 'Uhura'Nicholls. Jesus, she looks good.She must have had 'work' done...Peter Petrelli and the Oirish gangsters is very lame, so is Cheerleader and new friend Flying Boy, so is Hiro's stuck-in-the-past thing. The superstrong psycho alter ego - woman and her boring son were always crap, ditto powerless Professor boy, and the Mexican twins don't look terribly promising. Sylar is alive,and killed this sultry shapeshifter babe (She was really FAT. wasn't she, so 'deserved' it-)who had saved him, with some sort of strange ulterior motive. Anyway, sucking her brain is now making him freak out, which is mildly curiosity-stimulating...But not very.

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